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Sunshine #4

A rare hybrid of Chemdawg #4 and Sunshine Daydream known for its uplifting, soothing effects


About Sunshine #4

A hybrid strain created by Bodhi Seeds, Sunshine #4 is a cross of Sunshine Daydream and Chemdawg #4 known for its blissful effects.

Cannabis connoisseurs who have had the fortune of trying the somewhat rare strain Sunshine #4 describe this strain as stupendously uplifting, talkative, and soothing.

Sunshine #4's aroma gives off a pungent sour diesel scent, but once this strain is smoked or vaporized it takes on a unique coffee and sweet and sour citrus flavor.

This strain's yellow-green, fluffy flowers each have a shimmering layer of furry trichomes that are interrupted by fine golden pistils.