Throwback Kush

An old-school OG Kush was blended with a backcross of Green Ribbon to create this mostly indica strain
About Throwback Kush

Exotix Genetics developed the indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Throwback Kush, which resulted from the combination of a Green Ribbon backcross and an old school variety of OG Kush.

Throwback Kush flowers' scent is musky and reminiscent of sandalwood, and the flavor Throwback Kush produces is sweet and honey-like.

Effects of Throwback Kush tend to be physically relaxing, often even sedative, though the mental aspects of this strain are purely up-lifting.

Allegedly, Throwback Kush's buds have a very high potency of THC that can be up to 28%, and the leaf-green buds themselves are chunky and covered in sparkling trichomes.

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