Abusive OG

An extremely potent indica that has a heavy medical effect
About Abusive OG

A strain created in California, Abusive OG (also referred to as LA Kush) is a derivation of the fan favorite OG Kush.

This strain often tests above 30% THC and though it is probably not for the novice cannabis user, for an experienced patient this strain will provide unprecedented physical and psychological relief.

Though the plants are low-yielding the high THC level makes each bud very potent.

This strain was created by a grower named Abusive who gave the strain his own name, but he claimed he got the seed from Snoop Dogg himself.

1 Review
5 months ago
Abusive OG, an strong indica that has been getting popular by the day. With its' strong and long lasting sedating effects, this strain should be taken with caution by first timers. Abusive OG will quickly relaxed the mind and body and can quickly put you in a "couch locked" stage. Just one thing, be sure to have your fridge stocked before smoking it, you will feel hungry afterwards.
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