Banana Candy

This potent strain is so sweet it tastes just like candy
About Banana Candy

This indica strain, which is also commonly called Banana Candy Kush, is a pure indica strain that provides a potent sedation for patients who are looking to get a good nights rest.

This strain has a sweet banana scent and possesses big buds that are bright green mixed with deep purple and coated in sticky trichomes.

This strain tends to test above 22% THC and around 1% CBD, and the effects of this strain begin with a euphoric calm and lead its user into a deep sleep.

This strain is a great medication for patients who are treating chronic pain conditions, sleeping disorders like insomnia, and chronic stress and anxiety.

1 Review
5 months ago
Banana Candy is a tasty mellow Indica Dominant strain with large light green and purple color buds covered by light bright orange "hairs" and a thin trichomes layer with a strong banana smell. Its' effects leaves the user feeling happy as the mind feel worry free and relaxed while the body becomes sedated and stoney. Banana Candy has a sweet banana hard candy taste.
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