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Banana Candy

Banana Candy

This potent strain is so sweet it tastes just like candy


About Banana Candy

This indica strain, which is commonly called Banana Candy Kush, is a pure strain that provides potent sedation for patients who are looking to get a good night’s rest.

The background and breeding of this variety are unknown, as there is no documentation for the parentage or creator of the strain. Some wonder if other banana-scented strains, including OG Kush, Haze, Skunk, and Banana Kush, may be related.


This strain tends to test above 22 percent THC and around 1 percent CBD. The THC content typically sits somewhere between 15 and 24 percent.

Aroma and Flavor

This strain has a sweet banana scent, as the name implies, but it is more complicated than this. You are more likely to notice a predominating sweet pine odor, combined with fruity notes.

When you grind Banana Candy nugs, you will notice a skunky pungency. This is part of the reason that some people feel Skunk is likely in the strain’s genetic background.

If you burn Banana Candy with a joint or pipe, expect an easy, smooth smoke. That smoke will be citrusy and dark as you exhale it.


The strain possesses big buds that are bright green mixed with deep purple and coated in sticky trichomes. The flowers are small or medium with a roughly spherical shape. The buds are pebbly with the indica-typical structure that includes small leaves that overlap and curl inward very tightly, going towards the central stems.

The leaves are moss green with brownish and orange pistils. As expected from any cannabis strain with at least moderate potency, the flowers also feature a rich covering of trichomes. These trichomes are closer in color to amber instead of white. This can lead to the flowers almost seeming to have a yellow glow if you view them from a distance.


The effects of this strain begin with a euphoric calm and lead its user into a deep sleep. It is also known for triggering creativity. This strain is an excellent medication for patients who are treating chronic pain conditions, sleeping disorders like insomnia, and chronic stress and anxiety. It is also commonly used for arthritis, pain, and anxiety.

The effects of Banana Candy may take a while to come into effect, as you may not notice any changes for about 10 or 15 minutes after you take a hit. The earliest results will include changes to your sensory perception. Some sights and sounds will likely become more intense. Sometimes, smokers will also notice changes to depth perception and the feeling as if time passes more slowly.

Overall, the high associated with Banana Candy tends to be trippy, and you can enhance that with the right movie or playlist. After you start noticing the high, expect to begin feeling the deep physical relaxation. In some cases, this is strong enough to make your limbs feel very heavy; they may even feel a bit numb. This is when your breathing becomes more comfortable and deeper, and muscle knots become undone.

You are likely to feel very relaxed and content when you consume Banana Candy, but you may not want to work on anything important during the high, as you will not likely feel very astute or productive. It is better to consume it when you want to relax than when you want productivity.

People dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress may experience temporary relief from Banana Candy’s easygoing high. The therapeutic body high is also helpful for relieving pain, including fibromyalgia and arthritis. Additionally, the strain has anti-inflammatory properties that help it appeal to those with headaches or nausea.

Other Information to Know

Most people who consume Banana Candy will notice feelings of sleepiness. As such, it is best to consume this strain later in the day, potentially right before you go to sleep.