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Diamond OG

Gem-shaped buds that sparkle like diamonds give this potent bud its name


About Diamond OG

Diamond OG is likely named for the beautiful sparkle these buds have, as well as their gem-like structure. A blend of OG Kush and an unknown strain, Diamond OG is likely an indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Those who use Diamond OG find it to be calming and deeply sedative, likely to induce a sense of tranquility and, often, a deep and restful sleep.

Each of these shimmering buds has an earthy aroma and a sweet aroma that some say reminds them of fresh-baked cookies.

Bright chartreuse and forest green calyxes entwine in these dense flowers, dotted with curling neon pistils and a heaping helping of gem-like trichomes.

This strain has been shown to test above 26%, so is sure to be a potent medication for even the most seasoned smoker.