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Purple Rhino

Purple Rhino

This purple indica-dominant strain has big buds and seriously uplifting effects


About Purple Rhino

Known for producing huge, purple flowers, Purple Rhino is a primarily indica hybrid of Mendocino Purps and White Rhino.

Purple Rhino's fluffy buds produce a scent that is skunky and yet bright, as it's sweet, tangy citrus aroma and berry-and-granola flavor give this strain a unique taste.

Patients who have tried Purple Rhino report that the cannabis strain induces a cerebral high that is uplifting and a physical buzz that leaves its user absolutely relaxed.

As I mentioned before, Purple Rhino's buds are large, fluffy, and purple, and you can expect each of these cone-shaped flowers to have a glistening coat of trichomes and orange pistils.