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AF Crack

AF Crack

A potent hybrid that is the best of both worlds


About AF Crack

Derived from the straight indica Afghani strain Afgoo and the infamous sativa Green Crack, this strain combines the potent effects of its near-opposite parents into a balanced and relaxing hybridized high. AF Crack is also written as Afcrack, so you may find it referred to in either way. The strain is 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica.

Cannabinoid Content

AF Crack has a high average THC content, typically between 16 and 19 percent.


These usually medium-sized buds are often an olive green color and are covered in orange-brown tendrils. The hairs are above average and make the bud seem brighter despite the dark green. They also feature milky trichomes that show off their potency.

Flavor and Aroma

AF Crack has a strong smell that is reminiscent of a dank garden. The aroma can easily overpower a room, so this is not the strain for those who want to be discreet. The pungency only grows when you grind the strain.

The taste of AF Crack is spicy and tropical, with those spicy earth notes coming from the strain’s Afghani heritage. Some say that the taste is floral yet has hints of salty beach air. Upon exhaling, that earthiness becomes slightly spicy. The scent can also be sweet, similar to a pine tree but with traces of musk and pepper. Others describe the fragrance as floral and earthy, featuring hints of tropical fruits.


The strain produces intense effects at first. Your mind will be stimulated with your thoughts racing. As the high starts settling a bit more, your creativity will grow, and your body will calm down and relax. It can also cause a high that is intense and happy and encourages laughter.

Some refer to the experience of consuming AF Crack as a pseudo-sedative due to the way that your muscles relax while your mind and heart race. One nice thing about this strain is its ability to adjust to your situation. It can cause sedation or extra energy, depending on how active you are.

It is also common for the high to begin slowly, bringing that bright cerebral euphoria. From there, the effect gets tingly, spreading throughout the body via warming waves. At that point, the differences in reaction occur. If you are relaxing, it will become arousing and sedative. If you are out and doing things, you will be energized.

Those who use AF Crack note that it begins working incredibly quickly and can lead to a loss in the sense of time. Other reported effects include creativity, euphoria, focus, happiness, and relaxation.

The high THC content, combined with its effects, makes this a popular strain for treating a variety of conditions, including insomnia, fatigue, stress, glaucoma, pain, and depression.

As with most cannabis strains, smoking AF Crack may cause dry mouth or dry eyes; the former is much more common. This is expected as it is a typical side effect of marijuana, and the simple remedy is just to keep a glass of water handy.

Other Information to Know

Many people smoke AF Crack at night due to its ability to help you relax. However, because this strain’s effects depend on your activity, you could also use it during the day to enjoy its energizing effects.

Those who want to grow AF Crack will find it moderately challenging to grow, so it is not ideal for beginners. If grown outdoors, it will finish around mid-October, and it flowers in 60 days. Expect a high yield and a medium-height plant.

If you are looking for a potent hybrid that is the best of both worlds, this is the strain for you.