AF Crack

A potent hybrid that is the best of both worlds
About AF Crack

Derived from the straight indica Afghani strain Afgoo and the infamous sativa Green Crack, this strain combines the potent effects of its near-opposite parents into a balanced and relaxing hybridized high.

These usually medium-sized buds are often an olive green color and are covered in orange-brown tendrils.

If you are looking for a potent hybrid that is the best of both worlds, this is the strain for you.

1 Review
5 months ago
AF Crack is a strong Sativa Dominant strain with large grass green buds covered by a few long orange "hairs" and a strong dank garden smell what will quickly take over the room. Its' effects are quite intense at first, as the mind take receives a shot of stimulation that will keep you mind jumping everywhere, as the high begins to settle creativity takes over as the body stays relaxed and calm. AF Crack has a very tropical spicy taste.
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