Blackberry Diesel

A fruity bud with a bright cerebral high, Blackberry Diesel is a fan favorite
About Blackberry Diesel

This blend of famous East Coast Sour Diesel and Plushberry strains is a high-potency sativa-dominant bud.

This strain touts about a 22% THC potency and produces a wonderful cerebral buzz that keeps you feeling energetic and focused, as well as a body effect that arouses your senses and leaves you tingling.

These buds are a bright forest green and a deep lilac in hue and have a blackberry and diesel aroma and flavor. This strain may help relieve symptoms of chronic pain conditions, fatigue, depression, and appetite loss.

1 Review
2 months ago
Blackberry Diesel is a strong Sativa Dominant strain with small dark grass green color buds covered by bright red "hairs" and a moldy/diesel smell. Its' effects leaves the user feeling happy as the mind will begin to wander around being creative while the body stays stimulated and ready to go. Blackberry Diesel has a citric tangy berry taste. Patients looking for that extra push during the day should give this strain a try.
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