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Hashplant Haze

A sativa-dominant cross of Cannalope Haze with Hashplant that numbs the body while allowing the mind to soar


About Hashplant Haze

An sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by DNA Genetics, Hashplant Haze is the result of a cross of Hash Plant and Cannalope Haze.

Hashplant Haze delivers phenomenally creative and uplifting heady buzz alongside a more physically numbing relaxing physical effect that can sometimes make it hard for Hashplant Haze's patients to be up and about.

Buds of Hashplant Haze are huge, deep emerald in color, and very dense, their calyxes dotted with clumps of winding orange hairs and a coat of potent trichomes.

These flowers each have an aroma of sweet orange and grapefruit, and when vaporized or smoked these buds have a distinctly strong blueberry and melon flavor.