Green Lantern

Probably a cross of White Rhino and Green Crack, this beautiful bud is garaunteed to uplift the mind and relax the body
About Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a mysterious sativa-dominant strain that is thought to be a cross of White Rhino with Green Crack.

Green Lantern begins by affecting the mind, inducing a euphoric energy that gives its user a rush of creativity and effortless focus, meanwhile your body will become intensely relaxed, and you may find it hard to get up from your couch.

This strain has a peppery aroma that combines earthy pine and sweet citrus, which comes through especially well when you use a vaporizer to try this strain.

Green Lantern's buds are ridiculously sparkly, their shimmering coat of white trichomes covering the entire surface of these lumpy emerald flowers.

1 Review
5 months ago
Had the chance to try this hard to find Sativa once, and it was magical! Green Lantern buds are a thing of beauty, with different neon shades of green while its orange "hairs" are soaked in resins with a very citric smell. Its; effects is quickly to hit the brain, leaving you very euphoric and open minded (great for social occasions), while the body will carry a care-free blanket for hours. Its' smoke is sweet and somewhat sour, like an orange juice.
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