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Kool-Aid Smile

Kool-Aid Smile

A sweet flavored hybrid that gives its user a huge smile


About Kool-Aid Smile

Kool-Aid Smile is an interesting indica-dominant strain from Andromeda Strains that combines the unique strains Grape God, Kimbo Kush, and Cherry Sauce (Cherry Pie x The Sauce).

This strain has a skunky, herbal scent, but the flavor of this strain is a sweet blend of grape and berry flavors that tastes a bit like natural grape soda.

Lucky cannabis lovers who have experience with Kool-Aid Smile have found that this strain leaves you smiling due to its euphoric, giggly effects, which tend to relax its user into a sociable and hazy high.

Each of this strain's chunky jade flowers are tipped in long lemon-colored pistils and a dew of sparkling pistils.